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26 Oct 6 MUST HAVE items to take your swimming to the next level
spiroskartelias 0 138
6 MUST HAVE items to take your swimming to the next level.You might think that swimming only requires a swim suit and goggles, but if you look closely to the swim deck around you, you will see mesh ..
07 Sep Discover Apeks: now at Dive Store Spiros Kartelias!
spiroskartelias 0 80
New in the assortment of Dive Store Spiros Kartelias: the brand Apeks. What can you expect from the brand? We'll tell you in this blog.HistoryApeks was formed in 1973 in a garage in the north of E..
31 Aug Which BCD is right for you?
spiroskartelias 0 98
The right Buoyancy Compensator Device (or Jacket) is imperative to a successful dive. You need a functioning flotation device to ensure you're in control of your weight in the water.Your BCD is an i..
16 May Night Dive
spiroskartelias 0 81
The day is over and the sun is setting on a productive day of scuba diving. But is it really time to hang up your dive fins for the night, or do you dare slip back into the water?Many places are def..
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