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Brand: Speedo Model: 8-07361F959
accessoriesswimming SPEEDO CENTRE SNORKELThe Centre Snorkel eliminates the need to turn your head to breathe, allowing you to focus on technique and body alignment in the water. Suitable for use with a mask or goggle, the Centre Snorkel is easy to use thanks to the Spee..
42.30€ 47.00€
Ex Tax:42.30€
Brand: Speedo Model: 122427240
accessoriesswimming SPEEDO FASTSKIN BULLET CENTRE SNORKELMaintain the right head position and improve your body alignment in the water. The Fastskin Bullet Centre Snorkel is steamlined to minimise drag so you can master the neutral face-down positioning required for ..
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Brand: Aqualung Model: BS1490140
speargun socksαξεσουαρ νεοπρενneoprene accessoriesfreedivingspearfishingscuba divingbootsneoprenaccessoriesswimming..
30.00€ 34.00€
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Brand: Aqua Sphere Model: 253647-1
accessoriesswimmingAQUASPHERE ARM FLOATSOuter fabric: 100% Polyester, Inner buoyant foam: 100% PE, Inner chamber & valve: 100% PVC..
18.90€ 21.00€
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Brand: Aqua Sphere Model: ST134112
accessoriesswimmingAQUASPHERE KID'S SWIM VEST..
37.80€ 42.00€
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Brand: Aqua Sphere Model: ST134113
accessoriesswimmingAQUASPHERE KID'S SWIM VEST ..
37.80€ 42.00€
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Brand: Aqua Sphere Model: ST170EU4040
accessoriesAQUASPHERE SWIM GLOVESAquasphere swimming gloves are very versatile and perfect for all levels of fitness. They can be used for swimming or water fitness activities to tone and strengthen arms and shoulders. FEATURES: Neoprene construction: comfortable, durabl..
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Brand: Waterproof Model: 101-22
speargun socksαξεσουαρ νεοπρενneoprene accessoriesfreedivingspearfishingscuba divingbootsaccessoriesswimmingOur neoprene socks protect your feet against abrasion and the extra long stem makes it easy to dress and undress. • 1.5mm • Bonded Hi-Quality Nylo..
36.00€ 40.00€
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Brand: Mares Model: 1104321
speargun socksαξεσουαρ νεοπρενneoprene accessoriesfreedivingspearfishingscuba divingbootsaccessoriesswimmingCLASSIC MARES SOCKS No sole Double-lined neoprene Contoured cut Glued and stitched seams 3mm thickness..
26.95€ 29.95€
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Brand: Mares Model: 1114127
scuba divingmiscellaneousaccessoriesswimmingCompact Dry Box my Mares Lanyard for transportation Dry seal for watertight closure Sleek design Small and durable..
15.00€ 17.50€
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Brand: Freedive Model: 65008
22.50€ 25.00€
Ex Tax:22.50€
Brand: View Model: VA-1301A
15.00€ 17.00€
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