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Brand: SpirosKartelias Model: spear-p-008
This package includes: - Free Dive Pole Spear - Mask and Snorkel Set - Reef Tourer Fins  ..
101.00€ 121.00€
Ex Tax:101.00€
Brand: One Shot Model: spear-p-006
The package includes: - Belt floating marker - Salvimar Hook - Shaft extractor..
54.00€ 64.00€
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Brand: SpirosKartelias Model: spear-p-002
This package includes: - Pathos Micro Mask - Pathos Med Snorkel - Free Dive Knife 9cm - Alma 75cm Speargun - Pathos Gloves - Tech Pro Socks - Mares Concord FIns - Fish Sting  ..
244.00€ 287.10€
Ex Tax:244.00€
Brand: SpirosKartelias Model: spear-p-001
This package includes: Free Dive Coated Flat Buoy Elastic line with autoblock hooks (4pcs) Rope handle One Shot bottle holder Detachable weight (1kg) Mares compact dry box (for keys) Shaft extractor Fish sting..
79.00€ 95.45€
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Brand: Pathos Model: Free-p-011
finsfreedivingThis package includes: Pathos Ultimate Carbon Fins with soft footpockets (blades come in various hardness: soft, medium, hard) Pathos 3mm Metalite Socks Pathos Fin Bag - ideal for carbon fins..
403.00€ 474.35€
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Brand: Salvimar Model: spear-p-004
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Brand: Pathos Model: Free-p-010
finsfreedivingNERO FREEDIVING PACKAGEThis package includes:- Pathos NERO fins, ideal for freediving: includes Pathos soft footpockets and nero blades with either soft or medium hardness.- Pathos NERO freediving wetsuit- Pathos MED mask and snorkel ..
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Brand: Pathos Model: spear-p-009
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Brand: SpirosKartelias Model: spear-p-003
This kit includes:- Salvimar neoprene glue - Wax cord  - 20m fishing line with clips - Crimper - Wishbone cord (2m) - Nylon drill for wishbones (4pcs) - One Shot O-ring ..
70.00€ 82.85€
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Brand: Mares Model: spear-p-010
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