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Brand: Salvimar Model: 67209
spearfishing suitsBLACK WETSUIT SALVIMAR DROP CELL 3.5MM Two-piece economical freediving and spearfishing wetsuit External: Nylon lined Internal: Open cell Reinforcements: Puff Gum Reinforcements in the chest elbows and knees External stitching Closure: Beavertail adjustable clip..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 400204
waterproof bagsspearfishingairtight containerssacksscuba divingDRY BACK PACK 60/80 by SALVIMAR Completely wateproof gear back pak, made ​of sturdy PVC Tarpaulin, rolling closing and watertight joints. Equipped with padded shoulder and removable straps, can be carried by hand or shoulder. Capacity ma..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 7200ΒΒ
respiratorsmasksfreedivingspearfishingENDLESS MASK Monoframe mask Large visual field Nose pocket preformed 3D design for comfort Adjustable buckle with micro strap adjustment Tempered ultra-resistant glass Matt finish interior to avoid reflections Antiallergenic silicone skirt Exclusive Salvimar des..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 600100
finsfreedivingspearfishingFins Salvimar Turn 151..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 7800
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 7900
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 7300
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 400105
speargun knivesfreedivingspearfishingKnife ST Atlantis 100 by Salvimar Underwater fishing knife Stiletto blade with smooth and serrated sharpening (Shark Tooth) Notch to hold shafts on the handle..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 7400BB
respiratorsmasksfreedivingspearfishingby Salvimar Features Two lenses mask, lower frame enlarging the visual field 3D comfort nose Micrometrically adjustabe strap Temperated highly resistant glass Hypoalergenic silicon skirt Design and technical concept made in Salvimar..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 400352
lines cordsspeargun miscellaneousfreedivingspearfishingSALVIMAR 1.6MM SPEARFISHING LINEHigh visibility and high resistance.   ..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: 400353
lines cordsspeargun miscellaneousfreedivingspearfishingSALVIMAR 2MM SPEARFISHING LINEHigh visibility and high resistance.   ..
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Brand: Salvimar Model: AP031
scuba divingmiscellaneousaccessoriesSALVIMAR DIVING SAFETY TANK RATTLE ..
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