What thickness of wetsuit for Spearfishing to choose


Good morning. I am a relatively new to spearsfishing since I only started in August, when I was passing through, completely accidentally and during my vacation, the underwater fishing.
Not knowing if I could deal with this (if I liked it, if I could cope with needs etc), I did not invest in equipment, except the necessary ones.
Now, I have concluded that this is something very beautiful, which suits me and I can continue it in the winter.
But until now I had not bought a wetsuit since I had not decided.
I would therefore like to ask you what suit thickness to choose, since I have heard that we will find it in
many different thicknesses as well as in different types. Thank you !


Dear friend, First of all, thank you for your communication. It is our pleasure to help snorkeling with valid and safe advice.
So, in terms of thickness, as our first outfit, we choose between 5 and 5.5 millimeters, which can be used
for the 12 months of the year.
As for the type of outfit, we would like to offer you either a lining inside – a lining out or a shaved neoprene
inside – a lining that needs wet soapy water to wear and requires careful movements because it is easily etched (from the shaved inside side).
There is also a medium-lined type that we consider to be the ideal choice.


  • Make sure the pants are waist and high-waisted and do not have a sewn vest attached to it.
  • Be careful not to have a zipper. Prefer to learn to put on the jacket without the need for a zipper. It’s easy, they’ll show you in the store …
  • Be careful not to buy a hard neoprene suit, so it’s too long. The material must be grasped and soft and flexible.
  • Take care before you buy it, wear it at the shop and make you an excellent application with no bags anywhere, while it does not have to make you feel stiff.

    These are in general, because there are other information such as neoprene buoyancy, watertight seams, anatomic and invitations, variants colors and so many others, but we can not expand on this as the text becomes enormous and the
    space answers are limited ..