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If you are an avid Freediver and you want to make your passion your career, then becoming a PADI Freediving Instructor is the next step for you!

Poseidon Dive Center is the first PADI Career Development Center and PADI FreeDiver center in Greece that offers all PADI Freediving Courses from Beginner to Instructor level.

Since PADI started its Freediving program, it has quickly become the most popular freediving educational system in the world and as freediving is now the fastest growing water based activity, being a Freediving instructor becomes highly rewarding.

Once you have completed the PADI Freediving Instructor Course, you have a ticket to travel the world, meeting interesting people, experiencing different cultures while sharing with others what you love – Freediving!


 Certified as a PADI Master Freediver (or equivalent)

  • 18 years old or older
  • Current Emergency First Response (CPR / First Aid) Instructor*
  • Current medical statement signed by a physician within 12 months

Course Includes

 Knowledge Development

You will learn how to conduct PADI Freediver courses using a student-centered learning approach, review freediving physiology & psychology, learn coaching techniques to support student development and master supervision and rescue techniques.

 Confined Water Workshops

You will learn how to do an effective briefing, demonstrate skills, control students in the water providing their safety and help to overcome.

 Open Water Workshops

We start with the basics – how to choose dive site, how to organize and control students in a group, notice common mistakes and correct them in the most efficient way.

Freediver Instructor
Price 800€
Already a PADI Diving Instructor? Want to become a PADI Freediving Instructor?

Are you a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and would like to do Freediving as a hobby? What about increasing your opportunities by being able to teach the fastest growing water sport of Freediving? Or you may want to change your career and start teaching only Freediving?

Then our PADI Freediver Instructor Development program is what you are looking for!

The course includes:

  • PADI Freediver course
  • PADI Advanced Freediver course
  • Four days of additional training (includes no fins technique, making your training plan, building up high CO2/low O2 tolerance, dry land training, stretching and much more)
  • Series of workshops – equalization clinic, static and dynamic apnea, open water logistic, rope management etc.
  • Assist with Equipment Maintenance
  • Advise both student and certified divers on subjects as diverse as Marine Life, equipment selection and where the best diving is!

As a part of your Freediving instructor development, on this course we will cover….

  • PADI Standards for Basic Freediver/Freediver course
  • Teaching skills development in a classroom
  • Conducting confined and open water
  • Risk Management, Legal Responsibility, and Freediver Safety
  • The Business of Freediving and your role as an Instructor
  • Marketing Freediving

    We will teach you how to anticipate and solve common problems that occur on a PADI Freediver course.

    To be certified you should pass all requirements, including; 24 meters dive, rescue from 15 meters, multiple dives to a depth of 15 meters in a short amount of time, as well as static apnea at least 2.30 seconds and dynamic apnea to at least 50 meters.

    After finishing this program, you will be qualified to teach and certify PADI Basic Freediver and PADI Freediver courses.

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