Seminar: Free Diving Training
Through free diving you can learn that the body and the mind have far more abilities than we know.
There no magic breath, or perfect technique or fins and uniforms that will give you a guaranteed result because everyone is different.
And we want to help you find what works best for you and develop it together.

So we welcome a new member to our team to do just that.
Giannis Detorakis, the first PADI free-diving trainer in Greece since 2004 and one of the world’s first free-diving trainer coaches since 2015.
It has certified more than 1,000 free divers in the last 18 years.
And he’s the designer of the three PADI free diving programs since 2004, which evolved into official agency programs, as he called it.

We invite you to meet him by taking part in our next seminar on: Free Diving Education.

Wednesday 27 February at 19:30 pm

Free entrance

Seminar program
– The organisation PADI and the PADI Freediver programm
– Content and way of education
– The knowledge and abilities of graduates

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